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with Persephone Jayne

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I can't tell you how excited I am that you're here.

Oh, wait. I can. Because I live an emotionally intelligent life. Which means

I'm able to express my heart, clearly and effectively. 

I'm excited you're here because the benefits that come from living a heart

centered life are exponential. 

It starts with the self. Improving how we interact with our own emotions.

It continues with others as we apply our newfound-self to external relationships.

It guides us eternally as we strive to always be growing in Emotional Intellignece. 


Your Heart

Join the MEH Journey

Managing Emotional Health with a healthy dose of humor.

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Grab your drink

Invest in your heart with monthly Emotional Health Meet ups.

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Fix your crown

Join the Revolution

Invest in your skills with workshops focusing on Heart & Head intergration.

Invest in your community of Heart centered lives and reap its benefit.